align: (verb)

Align Design is a graphic design and coaching studio for values-led, impact-focused and purpose-driven souls.

Our passion is helping those in pursuit of their own passions.

By focusing on growth, strategy and action, we create clarity, build confidence and bring your values and business into alignment. So that you’ll live your best life and love your work as much as we love ours.

We know there are heaps of epic humans (like you!) with infinite potential looking to do some pretty amazing things. Whether you might want a bit of coaching to overcome some blocks to help you tap into that potential, or are looking for some design help to bring all your ideas together or take the next step, we want to team up with you – to create your vision, share in your mission and believe in your purpose. Let us help you design a life and business that are aligned and ready to shine in the world.

Our services

Our design process



Have a chat about what you’re looking for and how we can help



Learn more about your project to see which design solutions will work best 



Explore visuals and present different ways of how your project can take form



Go through a few rounds of edits (if needed) until you absolutely love the result



Supply final files and equip you with everything you need to be aligned and unstoppable

Our work

Our values



Consistency is truly a key to success. Within your business, it creates clarity, builds trust and establishes professionalism. Within your life, that means showing up for yourself time and time again and creating healthy habits and routines. It’s making sure that everything, stays aligned with your values and goals.


in better

There’s days when our world seems to be falling apart in more ways than one, but we choose to be hopeful. We want to work towards a brighter world and hope that together we can make a positive impact. This doesn’t just apply outwardly to others and the world, but for ourselves as well – believe in a better version of yourself and commit to a life of continuous growth. We only have one life and Earth, so let’s make it the best it can possibly be.


each other

So much goodness has come from kind humans helping each other. We each have something unique and valuable to offer, and design and coaching are just a few ways we feel can best serve and contribute. It brings us so much joy to help people build their dreams. We want to help you find your light and share it with the world.



Align Design was just a wee distant thought at first, but now it’s real and actually happening! The only reason we’ve made it this far is by trusting our intuition and following our heart. We think that all the answers we seek can be actually be found within. Throughout our journey with you we will continue to trust ourself, and we hope you do the same.

Our story
Our journey began as a search for purpose and longing for freedom. With Align Design coming to life, we feel we’ve gained both.

Founder, designer and coach Brittany Yang was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia and moved to Wellington, New Zealand in 2016 to join her Kiwi partner. Between searching for swimming holes, playing tennis, volunteering and enjoying good food, she’s constantly inspired by the beauty and creativity that surrounds her every day.

She’s gone from being a timid young girl and perfectionist student, to NCAA Division 1 college tennis player, to international agency designer, to now creative entrepreneur and coach. While all of these are just labels from various stages of her life, each has been full of rich experiences and valuable learnings.

Her favourite part of being a designer and coach is that she’s able to use her passions and gifts to serve others. She loves asking the tough questions, connecting with people and finding creative solutions that are impactful and sustainable. It’s both left-brain and right-brain thinking in action together… the best of both worlds.

Align Design was born when Brittany decided she no longer wanted to be trapped in the 9-5 working for someone else and on projects she wasn’t invested in. Now she’s created her best life (to date) that puts freedom, growth and community first, and she’s beyond excited to share her skills and experience with you!

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