5 steps to help you reflect and prepare for your

Best Year, Best Life

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Feeling a bit off track? Disconnected? Uninspired? This is a golden opportunity to not just look back, but leap forward. Because with this precious life comes the gift to learn from the past and make the most of what’s next – why not use it?

We created this workbook to serve as your guiding light for reflection and strategic planning.

Each of the 5 steps is a building block towards envisioning and then actively designing your most fulfilling year, based on what’s most important for you in this next chapter.

If you’ve been too busy or so stuck lately that you haven’t checked in with yourself, this is your all-loving reminder to give yourself the time and space to do so.

How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.

Annie Dillard

The 5 steps


Look at where you currently are in different areas of your life


Think about what went well and what needs more work in the last year in each area 

Get clear

Define what’s most important to you for this next year

Set intentions

Declare what you are focusing on and committing to


Schedule your top goals and actions for each of the next 12 months

Are you ready to shape your best year and best life?

Yes! I’m ready for transformation.

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